Saatva Luxury Firm Mattress Review

Saatva Luxury Firm Overview I’m often asked, “What mattress do you sleep on?”  So here it is, a review of my own mattress, the Saatva “Luxury Firm.”  I’ve been in this industry for so long, I really can sleep on just almost anything I want, but this is the one I went with.  The Saatva […]

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Big Barker Dog Bed Review

Big Barker Overview The Big Barker is an orthopedic bed specifically made for big dogs.  If you have a Lab, Golden Retriever, Boxer or a Great Dane and you’ve been looking for a more supportive bed for your pet, Big Barker designed their beds just for those types of dogs. Check out the video below […]

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DreamFoam 12 in 1 Customizable Mattress Review

Dreamfoam 12 in 1 Mattress Overview The 12 in 1 mattress is an inexpensive, customizable mattress made by Dreamfoam Bedding.  Dreamfoam Bedding is a family owned manufacturer that operates online via  This mattress actually has 12 possible “feels” because you can layer the foam in the way that works best for you, so there’s […]

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Philips Wake-Up Light HF3520 Review

Philips Wake-Up Light Overview The Philips Wake-Up Light is an alarm designed to emulate the sunrise in the morning, which stimulates the brain to release specific chemicals that tell the body “it’s time to get up.”  So it’s a much more natural way to wake up in the morning.  In studies, 92% of users found […]

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new mood by onnit review

New Mood Review: Sleep Aid From Onnit Labs

New Mood Overview New MOOD by Onnit is a serotonin-boosting supplement aimed at promoting a positive state of mind and contributing to deep, restful sleep.  Where’s most anti-depressants generally boost serotonin levels by inhibiting the reuptake, New Mood supplies the natural building blocks and neurotransmitter precursors to catalyze the synthesis of serotonin in the brain […]

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What Is The Best Memory Foam Pillow?

Nest Bedding Easy Breather Pillow Overview The Easy Breather pillow by Nest Bedding is a unique memory foam pillow that actually breathes.  Many people have told me that they feel like memory foam pillows push their head forward too much and that they’re too hard.  Nest Bedding came up with an interesting solution to this […]

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real reasons why we fail to get enough sleep

The Most Common Reasons We Fail To Get Enough Sleep

In our fast paced world with smartphones at our side at all times, iPads in bed and stressful work schedules, Americans are simply not getting enough sleep.  Insufficient sleep is now officially a public health epidemic.  It’s estimated that 50-70 million US adults have a sleep or wakefulness disorder. What the heck is going on? […]

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