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How To Find an Organic Mattress Tutorial Image

How To Buy An Organic Mattress

Did you know that organic mattresses are even a “thing?” Yup. They exist, and in this tutorial, I’ll show you how to find one and what to watch out for. In this video tutorial, I show you how to buy an organic mattress.  You might not have considered that a mattress could actually be organic, […]

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polyurethane foam and memory foam tutorial thumbnail

What You Need To Know About Polyurethane Foam and Memory Foam

During your mattress research, you’ll likely find all the different types of foams to be overwhelming and confusing. In this tutorial, I show you what you’ll need to know about polyurethane foam and viscoelastic foam. So in this tutorial, I’ll be talking about everyone’s favorite topic – foam.  As confusing as buying a mattress can […]

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innerspring tutorial thumb

Are Innersprings Good or Bad?

Are innersprings good or bad? Are they “old-fashioned” or have they stood the test of time? In this tutorial I’ll explain exactly how a steel spring system works. In this video tutorial, I’ll answer the question “Are innersprings good or bad?”  This seems to be one of the more common questions I get asked and […]

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mattress warranty tag

How Your Mattress Warranty Works

One of the most common questions I’ve been asked about mattress warranties is, “What exactly is a mattress warranty for?” Intuitively, you would think, “It’s a mattress.  What could possibly go wrong?” And the answer is…not a whole lot, really.  But, once in a blue moon something does go wrong.  That’s where the warranty comes […]

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protect your mattress

How To Take Care Of Your Mattress

If you’ve just recently purchased a new mattress, you’ll want to know how to take care of your mattress so you can keep it for as long as possible.  Think of a mattress as an investment, if you keep your mattress for 10 years, that’s 3,650 nights!  That’s a lot of wear and tear, night […]

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memory foam mattress sample

Memory Foam Mattresses

A Short Reference Guide to Memory Foam Mattresses Few things have changed the way people approach sleep as the invention of memory foam. Memory foam, short for “visco-elastic memory foam,” has been arguably one of the best inventions for mattresses in the past 50 years. Because it’s a very slow conforming, slow reacting foam, it’s […]

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innerspring mattress image

Innerspring Mattresses

A Short Reference Guide to Innerspring Mattresses Hello weary mattress shopper! You’ve made it here because you’re probably researching innerspring mattresses and likely are feeling somewhat confused about the whole thing.  Fear not my friend!  I’m here to make this process as easy as possible for you, so I’ve compiled some key information here for […]

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woman thinking about pillow top mattress

Pillow Top vs Non Pillow Top

Once you’ve decided on an innerspring mattress, you’ll need to decide whether you want a pillow top, or one without a pillow top. Here are a few quick tips to help you decide. 1.  If you frequently sleep on your side, a pillow top is a great choice. When you sleep on your side, a […]

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image of boxspring

Foundation or Box Spring?

Is there a difference between a foundation and a box spring? When shopping for a new mattress, you’ll find the word foundation being used in place of “box spring.” This is because foundations have taken the place of traditional “box springs” in the mattress world. Traditionally, it wasn’t just the mattress that had coil springs […]

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latex serum from india

What’s The Difference Between Talalay vs Dunlop Latex?

Latex is a naturally derived material that makes a great component for mattresses.  It’s been used for decades in Europe, but it’s recently become slightly more popular in America over the past 10 years. Latex is actually made from the sap of the tropical “rubber tree,” also called rubber serum.  When converted into a layering […]

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