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10 Quick Tips For A Good Night’s Sleep

Do you want to live a happier, healthier and more fulfilling life? We here at SleepingLikeALog believe that sleep is extremely beneficial and one of the best ways to live a long and healthy life. It’s funny to think of something so seemingly simple as just sleeping better having such an impact, but the science […]

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14 things you didn't know about sleep

14 Things You Didn’t Know About Sleep

1.  Women are actually much more susceptible to depression than men.  Why?  Studies suggest it has something to do with the amount of sleep women need vs. men.  Some studies suggest women need an extra hour of sleep per night compared to men, and not getting it may be one reason women why they’re more […]

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Stages Of Sleep

Alright, so as promised from the previous post, here are the stages of sleep, which are divided into five distinct stages. Stage 1 – Theta Waves Theta waves mark the moment where a “sensory curtain” drops and isolates the mind from the outside world.  At this stage, you no longer hear outside noises, smell outside […]

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How Well Are You Sleeping?

Picture this…After a hard day at work, you come home to an amazingly comfortable mattress, you climb into bed, and within seconds you feel like you’re floating on a cloud, your back pain vanishes, the problems of your day easily disappear, you feel almost weightless and before you know it…you’re sound asleep… Dreaming…resting…rejuvenating… Does that […]

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