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Q: Why did you make this site?

A: Check out my “About” page to read my story.

Q: Do you offer any discount codes for your readers?

A: Sorry, I don’t.  Discounts, coupons and gimmicky ‘sales’ are all elements of the mattress industry that I’ve been against philosophically for years.  I wanted to make a site for people, not a delivery vehicle for retailer discounts and gimmicks.  Learn more about the price games mattress companies play here.

Q: I’m going to be buying a new mattress. Do I need to replace my box spring?

A: In almost all cases, the answer is yes.  Older box springs generally don’t comply with the federal mattress flammability standard, 16 CFR Part 1633, which went into effect on July 1, 2007.  And when you use an older, non-compliant box spring with a new mattress, the new mattress will fail the flammability test.  If your foundation or box spring is less than a couple of years old, then you’re usually ok.

Q: Is there a particular box spring/foundation you recommend?

A: Yes.  Check out my “Recommended Products” page and scroll to Best Foundation.

Q: I have a platform bed. Do I need a new box spring?

A: No.  Platform beds aren’t designed to accommodate a box spring, they’re made for a mattress only.

Q: Do manufacturers pay you to get reviewed?

A: No.  Companies do not pay me to be reviewed.  I also do not sell ‘membership’ packages to any company to be featured on my site.

However, my site is definitely a for-profit business, this is not a charity.  This is a one-man operation and a passion project for me.

This site is ad supported but I don’t have much control over what ads get shown.  When I really like a manufacturer, I’ll sometimes develop affiliate relationships with them which means I’ll receive a small referral fee if someone makes a purchase after clicking my link at no additional charge to you.  This in no way affects the structure of my reviews and it helps me to keep banner ads to a minimum.  I prefer a clean, uncluttered look.  I only do this for the ones I believe in anyway (less than 1% of current mattresses on the market).

Q: Is your site unbiased?

Sleepinglikealog is 100% independent and beholden to no one.  It’s my site and my site alone and will remain that way.  Attempting to be objective is a key component of my site and is something that’s very important to me.  However, I personally am not unbiased and make no claims of being unbiased.  In fact I’m incredibly biased and super opinionated.  What good would my site be if I had to throw away my years of experience, perspective and opinions?  I don’t believe humans can be truly unbiased anyway.  Always take claims of being “unbiased” with a grain of salt.  Software, or perhaps Vulcans might be able to remain unbiased, but not humans.

In the interest of transparency, here are some of my own biases, of which there are many.

  • I am biased away from the tired pricing games and fake sales of big mattresses stores.
  • I am biased away from low quality, cheaply made mattresses designed for high retail turnover.
  • I am biased away from the industry’s push towards shortening the consumer buying cycle.  (This means that the big companies are very invested in the idea of getting you to buy a new mattress much more frequently.)
  • I am biased away from air and water as mattress components.
  • I am biased towards mattresses made in the USA.
  • I am biased towards buying online and skipping the big mattress store shenanigans.
  • I am biased towards smaller, family owned, boutique style mattress stores that specialize in higher quality, specialty bedding.
  • I am biased towards inner-springs and eco-friendly/green/organic materials as mattress components.

Q: Why should I listen to you instead of some other “expert?”

A: Well, you might be surprised to hear this but you shouldn’t automatically listen to me.  Just like with anything else, you should question what you see on the internet.  Keep in mind that everything on this site is based on my perspective, opinions and experiences and should not be treated as gospel.

Also, here’s a couple tips:  Don’t be afraid to do a quick background check on LinkedIn on these various site owners pretending to be experts.  Do they have any experience in the mattress industry?  Also, you can use to see who’s really behind a “review” site.  Many of them are registered privately, which means the true site owner’s identity has been concealed.

Feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn.

Q: Have you reviewed 'X' mattress?

A:  Click “Mattress Reviews” at the top of the site in the menu bar to see what mattresses I’ve reviewed.  I understand that shopping for a mattress can be maddening and overwhelming, but I just can’t cover all of them.  It isn’t necessary anyway.  There are over 500 different brands out there.  The best place to start is my “How To Buy A Mattress” page and either watch the video or read the free ebook, which I promise will clear a lot of things up for you and you’ll benefit from my long career in the mattress industry.  You can see the mattresses that I recommend on my “Recommended Products” page as well.

Q: I heard that memory foam mattresses don’t sag and innerspring beds do. Am I right in thinking this?

A: Nope.  Your thinking is actually the result of marketing, specifically from years of aggressive marketing from companies that make memory foam mattresses.  That’s the conclusion they’ve wanted you to come to.  Companies that sell memory foam mattresses want you to think that sagging is “caused” by springs, and that a memory foam mattress won’t sag.  Nothing could be further from the truth.

There is zero evidence that memory foam mattresses last longer than good quality innerspring beds.  There never will be either, because foam isn’t stronger than steel.  But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get a memory foam bed, you should if it makes the most sense to you and you really love the feel.  I just wouldn’t be under any illusions that it will last any longer.

I would also recommend watching “Are Innersprings Good or Bad” as well as reading “How To Take Care of Your Mattress.”

Q: Will buying ‘x’ mattress help my back/neck pain?

A: Only if your back pain is in fact caused by a lack of proper support from your current mattress.  If it’s not related to your existing mattress and is caused by something else, then probably not.  Many people who purchase a new mattresses to help with their back pain are disappointed.  There are so many potential variables involved with back pain, it could be a disc issue, a nerve issue, posture problems, sitting at a desk for hours and hours every day, even stress can manifest as back pain.

In theory, firmer mattresses would be the best choice for those with a herniated disc, and a softer mattress would be better for those with something like spinal stenosis.  This is because a harder mattress allows the spine to extend and “stretch out” at night, and a mattress with more padding allows for more give.  But it doesn’t necessarily work that way for everyone, and picking a mattress as a solution to a back problem is very difficult because it’s almost impossible to predict how a person would respond given the wide range of possible causes.

The best that you can hope for is to be kept in a natural, correct alignment at night.  But I wouldn’t think of a mattress as a “cure” for back pain — no matter how compelling the marketing.  You could think of a new mattress as a supplement to any existing back pain therapy or treatment however.  It’s definitely important to be properly supported at night.  After all, studies do show that getting deeper, better quality sleep is quite helpful in reducing chronic pain.  This does emphasize the importance of your sleep surface.  This isn’t medical advice, and I do recommend seeking the help of a medical professional for back and neck pain issues.

Q: I sleep on my stomach. Do you recommend any specific brands for stomach sleepers?

A: It’s hard for me to recommend specific brands for stomach sleepers because I don’t recommend sleeping on your stomach in the first place.  It really puts a lot of stress on the lumbar area and can twist your neck into an unnatural position.

Of course, “un-learning” stomach sleeping is easier said than done.  That said, you want to minimize ‘hammocking’ into the mattress as much as possible, which is what happens on very soft beds, for example.  That compresses the lumbar area and causes major stress to the lower back.  So, look for something on the firmer side.  Really just about any sort of firmer mattress is best for stomach sleepers.  Avoid super soft pillowtops.

Q: I bought ‘x’ mattress at ‘x’ retailer, but I’m having a problem with it. Can you help me get my problem resolved?

A: Sorry, unfortunately I don’t do customer service for any manufacturer or retailer.  Your best option is to contact the retailer or manufacturer directly.  Each retailer has their own policies and procedures for handling comfort or warranty issues.  If you want to know more about how mattress warranties work, read “How Your Mattress Warranty Works.”

Q: We’re a company and we’d like to have you review our product. Can we send you a free sample? (Short Answer: No.)

A:  Absolutely not. And if you’re one of those companies who thinks they can bribe their way towards favorable reviews by giving away free mattresses, then that tells me everything I need to know about you and your company. Don’t worry though, I’m sure you can find a few people who will happily accept your free lunch and become hired mercenaries for your brand.  Because that’s what you really want, isn’t it?
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