Casper Mattress Review – The Coolest Mattress On The Web?

Casper Mattress Overview

So, if you’ve been out shopping for mattresses recently, this might be the first time you’ve heard of Casper.  Casper is a new company with a mission to change the way people buy mattresses by making it an easy, transparent and enjoyable process rather than something to dread.  Their mattress is primarily sold online and they ship direct to you for free.  Sometimes even by bicycle if you live in the NYC area!

Check out the video below to see my full review of the Casper mattress:

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This is a spring-free mattress.  In place of springs they layer latex over memory foam over a 7” high density foam base layer.  On the top is a 1.5” layer of zoned non-allergenic latex (styrene-butadiene or SBR).  Now, not everyone in America is familiar with latex, but they’re very familiar with it in Europe.  Based on my experience, latex is the single best layering material to use in a mattress.  It’s breathable, keeps cool, reduces pressure points even better than memory foam and lasts longer than any other material.  But latex has a bit of a natural “spring” to it, so to balance it out it’s layered over an 1.5” of 4lb density memory foam.

The memory foam helps to absorb energy and helps stabilize the bed, and this combination of layering latex over memory foam is how they achieve this unique feel.  I’ve been in the mattress industry for 14 years and I’ve never seen anyone else do this.  I can tell they did some extensive testing to come up with this combination, because the feel is perfect.  They absolutely nailed it.  Read more about the Casper design here.

Who Is This Best For?

Casper displayed with the Simple Life folding foundation.

Casper displayed with the Simple Life folding foundation.

Casper is an ideal pick for you if you like the idea of a spring-free mattress but hate that sort of slow moving, quicksand feel common with many memory foam mattresses.  This bed conforms instantly.

It’s great for back, side and stomach sleepers, however, I would say that if you’re looking for something more extreme, like extremely soft or extremely firm, this might not be best for you.  (At the same time, I always caution people to avoid the extremes anyway unless you have a medical condition that requires it.)


The thing I like the best about Casper (besides their transparent supply chain) is their meticulous attention to detail.  I can tell that they were very conscientious about the materials they chose to use. The mattress is also 100% made in the USA.

For example, they went with a non-allergenic version of latex that is certified to the Oeko Tex 100 standard, which is a very difficult European certification that means there is nothing in the latex that is in any way harmful to humans or the environment.  And both the memory foam and foam base layer are CertiPUR certified to have low VOC’s, contain no PBDE’s, prohibited phthalates, no formaldehyde and no heavy metals.  (I advise people to always look for memory foam that is CertiPUR certified.)

I also really appreciate their fire barrier.  That might seem like an unusual thing to point out, but most people don’t realize that memory foam mattresses are typically doused with chemical fire retardants in order to pass the federal fire tests.  Casper wanted to be able to pass them without using any toxic chemicals or coatings, so they use a proprietary knit sock made with a yarn that has a silica core.  So instead of the usual spray chemical fire retardants, it’s a fabric wrapping around the inner layers and it actually works by suppressing the flame by forming a barrier when burned.  It’s also certified to the Oeko Tex 100 standard, which means it’s even safe for babies.  This was a very thoughtful move on their part.

Another big positive to me is the unique feel they’ve been able to create.  It’s very comfortable.  It’s the perfect balance of comfort and support without any annoying ‘quicksand’ feel whatsoever.  I think their idea of layering zoned latex over memory foam was a stroke of genius.  I’ve seen the reverse done before – layering memory foam over latex – but that totally defeats the purpose of using latex in the first place.  You really want to be right on top of the latex to get all of the good benefits of it because it is such a fantastic layering material.

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Someone could make an argument that by only offering one model that they aren’t giving enough options.  That while mattress stores offer too many options, Casper doesn’t have enough.  But they’ve found, and I’ve found, that the overwhelming majority of people sleep best on this type of Goldilocks feel, so why make it more confusing than it needs to be?  They’d rather keep it simple and give you 100 days to sleep on it in your own home to see if you like it.

Another minor drawback is that they don’t offer a matching foundation.  So, if you don’t have a foundation you’ll have to purchase one separately or use it on the floor, a platform bed or an adjustable base.  I’ve got this displayed on the Simple Life folding foundation, but you can use it with any non-yielding surface.  Just depends on the look you’re trying to go for in your room.

And some people might have some hesitation with buying a mattress online without having tried it out first, which I understand.  It does seem bizarre.  But like all new ideas that change the way we think about things, they seem unusual at first before they’re eventually seen as “normal.”  Kind of like how zappos has made buying shoes online without trying them out first seem normal.  Keep in mind that there’s no return fees if it doesn’t work for you for whatever reason within 100 nights.  They’ll even come and pick it up from your house, no hassle. Returns are donated to charity.

See the Casper Mattress on Amazon

Tip#1: Because of the unique feel of the Casper, try to allow up to 4-6 weeks for your body to adjust.  A slightly longer adjustment period is pretty typical with spring-free mattresses that contain either memory foam or latex.  No worries, you have 100-days.

Tip#2: Latex is relatively delicate material, so I recommend protecting the mattress from the very beginning with a good quality waterproof protector.  The Luna premium protector is a good choice because it’s super thin, almost like a sheet, so it feels like it’s not even there and will allow you to get all the benefits from the latex.  Mattress pads are sometimes a bit too thick and can create too much of a barrier between you and the latex, so I recommend using a protector rather than a pad.

Tip#3:  If using a foundation, try to use a high quality metal frame with 9-wheels.  The multiple points of contact will help with the overall stability.  The Stabl-Base Ultimate Bed Frame is great because its made from heavy gauge carbon rail steel and can be ordered with locking rollers or glides.  Built like a tank.

Disclosure of Material Connection: Some of the links in this post are affiliate links.  This means if you click on the link and purchase the item, I will receive a referral fee at no additional cost to you. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I’ve used and tested personally.

  • jmscar82

    Hey I am seeing this site for the first time today. I have the worst buyers remorse…I bought a mattress in March and finally admitted that i hate it. It is a Sealy Posturpedic one…too firm…I sleep on my stomach/side but roll around all the time. I put my arms up over my head which is a problem. I saw this Casper…but wasnt sure it was plush enough for my liking…Does it have any sort of “pillowtop” plush effect? I want to sink down a bit and sleep on amazingness…Is this possible for a stomach sleeper?

    • Totally possible. I don’t usually sleep on my stomach, but I just tested it out on my stomach and it feels great. This doesn’t really have the feel of a very soft pillowtop. In my opinion, that would be too soft for a stomach sleeper because it can cause your lower back to arch too far into the bed. In general, a relatively firm feel but with a decent amount of give is best for stomach sleepers. Think in terms of keeping your spine in as natural of a curvature as possible when lying down. The feel of this mattress is pretty different from the typical mattresses in a store due to the way they combined latex w/memory foam. It’s really comfortable. Not annoyingly hard, not so soft it feels like a marshmallow, it’s just right.

      • Siân de Freyssinet

        I sleep on my stomach with my arms up under the pillows and since getting our Casper mattress I wake up every morning with lower back ache. I think I may be the only person in the world who is not having a great experience with their Casper mattress

        • shappie

          I sleep the same way you described above and have noticed lower back pain over the past few weeks on the Casper mattress. I also sleep toward the edge of the bed which I just read is not as supported as everywhere else on a casper mattress.

        • YaRt

          You need to learn to sleep on your side or back. I fractured a vertebrae in my spine over 15 years ago and that was the first advice from an orthopedic spine surgeon.

  • Allen Carter

    I recently purchased the Cal King Casper and am wondering whether I should rotate the mattress on a regular basis to prevent body impressions. By the way, I love the bed so far after sleeping on it for the past couple of weeks.

    • I would, yeah. But you don’t have to be crazy with it. Rotate head-to-toe once every season change or so.

  • rob damiani

    can someone please recommenced a foundation to go with The Casper?

  • Kyle

    I have a quick question. We just recently went mattress shopping and found a Sealy optimum inspiration gold bed we really like. It is about perfect. We tried tempur-pediac but didn’t like the sinking in feel. The Sealy gave some but overall we didn’t feel trapped. How would the Sealy compare to the Casper in this regard ?


    • Hey Kyle, yeah I noticed the inspiration gold seems to have a slightly quicker response memory foam than the previous version. You know how it still has that memory foam sinking in feel — but just not quite as much as tempur-pedic? Well, the Casper has even less. They’ve virtually eliminated that effect and that’s due to the top layer of latex. Also, the inspiration gold is a hair softer than the Casper. Hope this helps, – Sean

  • Nic

    I really like your format of reviews… If it were Saatva vs Casper which one would you pick?… I’m a 70% a side sleeper but sometimes end up on my back or stomach… Also for me the Saatva will be 400 more than the Casper since I use the Casper on the floor… So I trying to justify the price increase….

    • Thanks! Tough question. You say you’re currently using a Casper on the floor, correct? You made a good choice. I think both are the best beds for the money in their categories (innerspring vs spring-free). The Casper is a pretty ideal side-sleeper mattress because of the top layer of latex.

      • Nic

        No I’m in the market for a new bed, either going to try out the Saatva or the Casper… It’s just the Casper is more flexible as far as not needing box springs…

        • Ah, sorry. I misread your comment. So, technically neither require a foundation and I would expect around the same longevity for both (10-15 years depending on how well you take care of it). In terms of longevity, it doesn’t matter what position you sleep in. What will help you get the most out of any mattress is using a mattress protector. Keep in mind that this is not a ‘soft’ bed, btw. So it might take a bit for you to adjust. I find the Casper to be excellent for side sleeping. Of course, everyone’s body is different. I would say give it a shot and see how it works for you.

          • Nic

            Hi I went to buy one just now and the 50 dollar discount is not being applied?

          • Correct, it’s not configured for that. I emailed it to you.

          • Nic

            ok got, thanks…

  • Dale

    I purchased a Casper and am very happy. Wake up without the back pain I had been feeling from my older pillow top. The down side is that my wife is not as happy and wants something softer. Do you have an opinion on toppers? Is that an option I should consider?

    Thanks in advance. Your site is a great resource.

    • Hi Dale, you could contact Casper about that. They might have some suggestions. You could also take a look at using a latex topper as well, that way you’d have some consistency because you would be placing latex over latex.

      • Dale

        I emailed Casper and they had suggestions for both pillow top and gel toppers. They offered to send my choice for free. Great customer support!

  • Loren Brent

    I’ve chatted with the folks at casper and they said the gaps between the metal frame you chose (simple life) are too far apart and they wouldn’t recommend it. any other options you have in a similar price range?

  • Loren Brent

    Casper recommends

    You recommend

    Casper told me that the one you recommend has gaps between the metal that is too wide, and they don’t recommend it. Can you tell the difference? Beside brand name they look identical!

    • There is no difference. It’s the exact same foundation. It’s actually made by Leggett & Platt and the ‘gaps’ are certainly not too far apart. Been testing it for months with multiple mattresses and it’s great.

  • knowyourolives

    I just purchased a queen Casper, and I’m having a very tough time figuring out what to get for a base. I don’t want to just have the mattress on the floor. I want something solid that doesn’t shake and move around, but also would like to not have to spend a fortune. Currently I have a simple wheeled frame with a box spring on top, which I’ll be getting rid of. I saw the link you provided for a Simple Life folding foundation, but I’m thinking I’d like to just get some sort of a solid, simple, flat base that raises the mattress off the floor and looks decent. Any other suggestions? Thanks.

    • Well, you really can use any platform bed. Your description made me think of this one: but I doubt you’d want to spend 6 grand.
      Here’s a super basic platform bed with no headboard:
      Here’s a pretty cool base with storage drawers built in:
      There’s always the Sleep Master Elite:

      • knowyourolives

        That looks like a sweet bed, but definitely not spending that much. Also, I was just at the Nest Bedding store in SF, and the clerk there said it’s better to have some slats, and not a continuous solid platform, for breathability and preventing mildew. That makes sense, but then I don’t understand why a lot of these memory foam mattress companies recommend otherwise.

        While at the store, I saw a Pragma bed, similar to the Simple Life one you mentioned. Do you have any experience with those?

        Pragma also makes adjustable beds. Do you know if the Casper bed works on an adjustable bed? And Pragma makes foldable beds with wood slats. Any advantage to wood over metal slats or vice versa?

        What’s really the difference between the Sleep Master Elite and the Simple Life you initially recommended?

        The more I think about it, I’m more inclined to go with one of those metal frame foldable beds. Maybe more economical and practical and perhaps longer-lasting.

        Thanks so much for your feedback.

        • Yeah, it’s mostly just tempurpedic that have always placed a strong emphasis on only using their mattresses with their flat foundations. Slats or some similar design that allows for airflow is a better choice.

          I don’t have any experience with Pragma, but Casper will work on any adjustable bed. Steel will always be stronger than wood. The wood slats you see on some of those Pragma’s is a European design, where the slats are bowed and flexible. It’s designed to sort of emulate a boxspring with give.

          The difference between the Simple Life and the Sleep Master is the Simple Life is designed to ‘look’ like a boxspring, the main benefit being that it’s completely made from steel and super easy to move. Also it’s covered with an anti-skid material like a boxspring is, so the mattress isn’t making direct contact with the steel. It still requires the use of a bedframe.

          The Sleep Master is like a hybrid combination of a bedframe and a platform. It takes the place of both a foundation and the bed frame and is basically the most economical solution. In contrast to the Simple Life, the mattress is making direct contact with the steel bars which means the mattress is going to want to slide off.

          Problem is there are a lot of reviews of people pointing out that they squeak like crazy and that the bars bend or even collapse. There’s just too much moving metal on metal with their design. You can see what I mean by checking some reviews for their less expensive model here:

          • knowyourolives

            That all makes a lot more sense now. I have a bedframe with wheels that looks just like the one you have in your setup, but I don’t like how it tends to roll around sometimes. So that’s why I was maybe thinking of something more solid with legs, like the Pragma. Although I’d hate to have something that squeaks (I’ll stay away from the Sleep Master) and I’d also hate to have the mattress want to slide off the metal. Maybe I’ll look for a sturdier foundation to put the Simple Life on top of. Suggestions for any one in particular? Especially one with locking wheels or no wheels. Thanks so much.

          • Yup, check out Tip #3 at the end of the post. You’ll see the bedframe I suggest which you can get with glides instead of rollers. I also link to a reference PDF so you can confirm the correct model number for your size.

          • knowyourolives

            Oh right I guess I missed tip #3. So I guess my options are either spend about $500 on the setup you have, or spend about that much on a stand-alone platform bed– maybe something at Ikea– or go with the less expensive option of something like the Pragma fold-up bed. Hmmm… tough decision.

          • knowyourolives

            So I went ahead and ordered the Simple Life Foundation and Serta Stabl-Base frame (10 inch, no wheels)… looking forward to seeing how it works for me. The folks at Casper were a bit wary about the space between each wire slat. Maybe something like this would help resolve any possible issues as far as that goes…

            Or perhaps a bunkie board like this, although I know about the potential for lack of ventilation…

            Or simple wood slats,

            Or maybe nothing.

            Thoughts? Many thanks to you for all your help!

          • Yes, nothing. It’s totally fine the way it is.

          • susiejg

            You can buy little “dishes” made just for mattress frame wheels so that the frame will not roll once the mattress is in place (until you slightly lift the mattress off of the “dishes”. These have been around since 1950′[s at least.

      • EA Jesse

        Hi. My husband made a wood platform with legs for our Casper, because I wanted to sleep on a metal free mattress AND a metal free foundation. He built a 60″X80″ wood frame first with 2X4s, and then he put enough 1X4 boards across it to cover all of the surface area (no space between the slats and all flush with the frame). He reinforced it with another 1X4 all the way down the center of the bed, and also put legs on it. It works really well and only took him a few hours to build. It gets the bed off of the ground with 14 inches of space underneath for storage, too. I covered the platform with a bed skirt that goes over the whole thing and hangs to the floor (no need to stain or paint the wood this way). He used pine for the wood. I think the whole project cost around $40.00. On a side note, I am somewhat of a lightweight and find the Casper a bit too firm on the pressure points. I asked and Casper said they cannot send me a free topper, though, until I have had the Casper for 30 days.

  • Fred InChiTown

    Hi Sean. Thank so much for the reviews, both here and on YT. I have been looking for awhile and it is very daunting. I just one question. Saatva, or Ultimate Dreams/Casper? I know they both have the return policy, so not concerned about that (except for Saatva delivery). Also, any input on the Tuft & Needle?

    • Hey Fred, yeah you’re absolutely right. It is daunting. On behalf of the mattress industry, I apologize for this madness. As far as which one to go with, that depends on what your needs and preferences are and also what seems to be resonating the most with you. If you’re interested, I can guide you through this over email. I like what Tuft & Needle is doing for sure, especially if you’re looking for something firmer.

  • Celagos

    Regarding the comment in the article of Casper layering latex over memory foam…
    A few months ago, in my mattress search (I still haven’t gotten around to purchase), I came across a company, Habitat Furnishings, that not only does latex mattreses and air mattresses (their air mattresses really consisting of foam, latex & air; this company also offers what they term hybrid mattresses that consthat of 2″ of Dunlop latex over 2 layers of 3″ foam. Just thought I’d share.

  • susiejg

    I have been allergic to latex and foam rubber. Do you think the materials in this mattress would be okay for me? If not, HOW would someone get the big egg back into the little crate after it inflates itself on room air? Thx! I might want to try it, but do you know how much it weighs? Can a girl move it around?

    • Yes, it would. The Casper uses synthetic latex which doesn’t contain the protein found in natural latex that can cause allergies. Queen size weighs 62lbs, it’s pretty easy to move.

      • susiejg

        Many thanks! Sounds promising.

  • Zach Mcfarland

    Sean my wife and I are looking for a new mattress, question is my wife and I are overweight is this a good fit for us

    • Being overweight wouldn’t be an issue. Heck, I’m technically overweight right now according to the BMI. I would say give it a shot!

  • David Holdorf

    Checking out the Casper and I have one question. We currently have a sleigh bed and frame with a box spring about 12 years old. Do I keep the existing wooden box spring and put the Casper on top? We do have lots of squeals and groans when moving around.

    • Hey David, yeah I would replace the box spring. If it’s 12 years old it might be a semi-yielding box spring (assuming there’s actual springs or flexible torsion modules inside) and you’ll want something with less give for the Casper. Plus if you replace it you’ll be able to enjoy the bed in all it’s squeek-free glory. Ah…total silence at night…

  • jb3ast

    So I have to get your opinion, I’ve been watching your reviews for awhile (very informative) and the Saatva Luxury Firm and Casper have really caught my eye. I was 99% sold on Saatva until I found out about Casper (and Saatva’s warranty – it’s strange).

    I’m not necessarily biased towards any particular bed (memory foam vs. inner spring), but I can tell you that I purchased a Tempurpedic Cloud Luxe looking for relief from my back pain about a year ago. Previous to that I had a simmons tempurpedic knock-off which was absolutely horrible. I had back pain with the simmons and I figured getting the real deal (Tempurpedic) would help, it has done the opposite. I wake up with headaches, back aches, neck aches, almost 3-4+ times a week. I’ve pretty much nailed it down to the mattress being the issue because I take regular trips per month on business, and every single time I leave, I stay in a particular hotel for a week and NEVER have a headache when I wake up. But when I return home, and start sleeping on my bed, here come the headaches again, every morning. One time would be coincidental, but it happens every single time I go out of town.

    Enough rambling. I usually start off on my back but never fall asleep that way. I sleep exclusively on my side. I like the idea of the Casper and I can almost envision the way it feels just by looking at it. I also like the idea of the Saatva because it looks like a very plush almost ‘royalty’ish bed. What I don’t like about Saatva is inner springs are bouncy and partner movement can be an issue. I can’t really think of anything I would dislike about the Casper.

    Sounds like I have my mind made up (lol) but I wanted to see what you think I should try. I know you say your bed is a Saatva, so you have first hand experience. The most concerning thing for me at this point in my life is my lower back and neck pain/issues. I absolutely need something that will help me and I’m desperate. Out of the two, which would you have me lean towards first?

    Thanks Sean.

    FYI Tempurpedic beds are a crock and a total rip off. They’re hot, they stink, they’re ridiculously expensive, and I’m pretty sure it’s absolutely ruined my lower back. Not to mention my wife has never had back problems, until we purchased the Tempur.

    Rant over.

    • jb3ast

      Also, I have a split foundation and frame that I purchased with the tempurpedic. Can I just use those for now in order to test the Casper out for 100 days or should I purchase the other frame and foundation you recommend?

      • Outstanding rant! Your situation is interesting. I’d like to know what the main culprit is for your headaches, whether it’s the tempur material itself, perhaps some residual off gassing or something else. I can tell you that I’ve heard this from a bunch of people, so you’re not alone. It’s actually great that you’re in a position to stay in hotel beds on a regular basis because that gives you some great contrasting feedback. Sounds like you’re leaning towards the Casper, and I definitely think it would be worth a test drive. You can absolutely use it on your existing foundation and frame, no need to purchase a new one. Tempurpedic foundations are super solid.

        • jb3ast

          Okay thanks for the info. Yea, sorry but I had to get that rant out!

          The funny thing, is that I stay in different hotels just about every time, some have nice beds, some have creaky inner springs that pop and bang, but none ever give me headaches.

          It is interesting that you say that about the off gassing possibly giving me headaches. I do have a bad lower back in general (I’m only 32, which sucks) and I work IT so I sit almost 8+ hours per day. I go to the chiro quite often for this issue and it always seems to get better, until I sleep on my bed. I don’t know what it is but I’m desperate at this point and that’s why I had to ask your opinion.

          I guess what I really wanted to know from you is which bed between the Casper & Saatva would be best for lower back pain, or which bed is BETTER for side-sleepers. I know everyone is different, but you’ve used both, so you have real-world insight.

          Thanks again Sean.

          • Well, I learned many years ago to not recommend specific mattresses as treatments or cures for lower back pain. I wish I could say that ‘x’ mattress will end lower back pain, but the problem is that back pain is such a complex topic with many variables and potential causes that it’s nearly impossible to recommend a mattress as a ‘cure’ for it. Actually one of my biggest pet peeves about the industry is how manufacturers tout their beds as cures for back pain.

            Sometimes an old mattress that doesn’t keep the body in alignment can in fact cause pain. And someone’s back pain can go away after getting a new mattress simply by virtue of being in a more natural alignment at night. But that isn’t the case for everyone, and sometimes the causes can be totally unrelated to their mattress. We know that stress is a known cause for back pain for instance.

            The Casper is in my opinion excellent for side sleeping. Ideal, actually.

    • Mike French

      jb3ast, do you mind telling me which bed you ended up choosing?

  • jpowell

    I have a Queen sleigh bed with a split box spring. Will this base work for a Casper mattress?

  • JJ

    Ok, yes i need to loose weight. But right now 254lbs and prefer a softer mattres. If I add a topper to the Casper will it sink in to the point of requiring ransom in order to get out?

    • I would definitely try it without a topper first (if you don’t already own it.) If you do add a topper…it depends on what type you use so it’s hard to say for sure. But in general my answer would be “no” for most 2″ to 3″ latex toppers “no” for most 4lb and above memory foam toppers and “maybe” if you got like a really soft, squishy memory foam topper. Might require a bit of trial and error.

      • JJ

        The mattress is fantastic. I placed a a 4×6 1″ plywood across the middle of my box springs leaving a 1′ gap at the head and feet for added support as my bed is a king size. The first night I immediately noticed the tingling down both legs from a back injury lessening. The first three nights my back was sore in the morning with the third being the worst as it woke me up. But I thought it was just signs of adjustment and stuck with it. I was correct and now sleep extremely well for the first time in years. I was never able to sleep on my side for more than 30 minutes but now can all night if I wish. It is wonderful to be able to get right out of bed without the initial gorilla walk of stiffness and pain. The tingling is now only sporadic and lessening every day. I don’t know if it will ever be completely gone but it is felt so seldom and at such a low threshold I am ecstatic! It is quite a bit firmer than I was used to but after a week or so loved it. Your reviews were the ones that put me over the top on buying this mattress. Thank you!

  • kegan

    I have an Ikea bed frame that just has bed slats instead of a base for the mattress. Do you think that would work fine with casper, or do i need a sturdier base for it?

    • Yes, Ikea platform beds work fine.

      • FlyBri

        For an Ikea bed frame with the wooden slats, do you feel it’s necessary put a flat piece of wood over the slats so that the Casper mattress doesn’t push inside the gaps of the slats? I read somewhere that this is the preferable thing to for these kinds of mattresses and bed frame setups, and wanted to get your opinion.

        • No, totally not necessary. Most Ikea platform bed slats are close enough together so it’s not a problem, plus most of them are the european style flexible slats, they’re bendable. You wouldn’t want to put any wood over those types of slats.

  • gyamashita

    i’ve read that the casper might be a bit too firm, especially for smaller/lighter people. while i like the thought of firmer beds, in practice i’m a side sleeper and would like a bit more cushion for my shoulders and hips. i’m 140lbs, my wife is 115. would the casper be too firm for we side sleepers? thanks!

    • I definitely would not say the Casper is a ‘firm’ bed. I mean, it’s not soft but it’s also not firm. Firm would be somewhere between the 1 and 3 range on my scale of 1 to 10, this is more of a medium. I think it’s great for side sleepers. Of course it’s still possible that someone could find it too firm, you really just don’t know until you give it a couple months or so to allow your body to adjust.

  • steve

    are they compatable with platt adjustable bed frame?

  • Spencer q

    Hello,great reviews dude..Just a few questions..Do you know what material or materials they use to wrap the Casper mattress?and honestly what mattress would you prefer for feel and comfort and support?the Saatva or the Casper?

  • Sleepless in LA

    Hello — I am considering replacing my spring-mattress bed with something like a Tempurpedic (or something similar) since my partner tosses-n-turns and it wakes me (the light sleeper) up several times per night. I figured that perhaps a spring-free mattress would be the way to go.

    Would the Casper solve for this problem? The reason I have Tempuredic in mind is because I remember a commercial they used to have of a glass of wine on one part of the bed staying still while someone jumps on the other side of the bed — which is exactly the sort of effect I’d be looking for 🙂 Thank you!

    • It should definitely help. Not sure if it would pass the old wine glass test due to the latex layer, but there is virtually no movement in this bed. It’s super stable, but not so motionless that you become claustrophobic and start feeling like the mattress is eating you alive…it’s still got a slight bit of buoyancy to it. 🙂

  • Hey, I previously had a Temperpudic (which I liked) and I’m considering the Casper. Women always complained the Temperpedic was too hard and that there was no bounciness (for sex), at all.

    I have a brand new wooden platform bed and I’m looking for something both softer and bouncier. Could you suggest any other similaf mattresses other than Casper which are bouncier? And any tops to make it softer? I like the Casper & their service but wanted to weigh other options before making the major investment. Thanks.

  • fognyc

    Hi.. I purchased a Casper a little over a month ago. Was blown away with the customer service, the door to door delivery in 25 min, and the quality of the item for the price. It really is a game changer. As much as I hate to say it though.. I think it’s too soft for me. I went from a 6 year old fully latex mattress that was sunken in causing tremendous back pain, and then got the Casper which helped a bit.. but I’m still suffering from it. When I got the latex mattress 6 years ago (where I went from sleeping on a caved in mattress) it relieved my back pain instantly within 2-3 days.. the Casper has not done that, and now I’m thinking that I’m just sinking too much into it. I’m 6′ 180lbs. FWIW my wife is 5’10” and 135lbs and she has no complaints.

    Sean, would recommend going to something firmer from Spindle?

  • ed

    On some reviews on the Casper site people mention that the sides of the mattress are not reinforced. I don’t really understand what this means and if it’s a big deal. A few people mentioned that this made the bed uncomfortable to sit on and another mentioned that it was a problem for them when sleeping on their side towards the edge of the bed. I’m wondering if you could you shed some light on this, or if anyone here has anyone else experienced this?

    • Good question Ed. When sides are reinforced, it’s usually referring to something called “foam encasement,” which is when a thick, high density foam is wrapped around the outer edge of the mattress ‘encasing’ an innerspring system. It can also mean using extra support rods or modules along the outer perimeter of a spring system to make the edges even stronger. Some mattresses have both. It evolved over the years as an inexpensive substitution for hand side
      stitching, a very time consuming old school process that results in the
      best kind of side reinforcement, but takes forever to do. So, usually reinforced edges are only seen in innerspring mattresses to protect the side coils and to prevent a bit of ‘roll-off’ effect when you get too close to the sides. Most spring-free mattresses don’t have reinforced edges, mostly because they don’t really need it.

      As far as it being uncomfortable to sit on well…mattresses aren’t supposed to be comfortable to sit on anyway, they’re for sleeping. (gasp!) If you sleep right on the very edge of the Casper, you’ll feel like you’re rolling off a bit. Then again, no one sleeps on the very edge of a mattress, so it’s kind of a non-issue really.

      More here:

  • Shishi

    Would a twin Casper mattress work for a daybed that gets use both for sitting and sleeping? If not, what would?

  • Hi Sean,

    Thanks for this site. It really is great! I purchased a Saatva Luxury Firm, it was great when sleeping on my back but I found it too firm when sleeping on my side(my arms would fall asleep, etc). I made the mistake of exchanging it for a Plush Soft version which is destroying my back due to the lack of support/alignment. Now I’m in a bit of a bind… Is the Casper softer than the Saatva Luxury Firm? Thanks!

    • No, it’s not. Though it might play tricks with your mind at first due to the top layer, it’s actually just about the same firmness. The ‘feel’ is completely different of course.

    • Hi Ed, what did you end up doing, as I am considering returning my casper (too firm for me, hips hurt and arms fall asleep – good if sleeping on back though for me). I am considering purchasing the saatva plush soft, but now you have me concerned that my back will hurt. however I notice you are probably a taller person than me, so maybe that’s why?

      • I tried the Saatva Plush Soft and it was WAY too soft. It doesn’t keep your spine in alignment and actually caused pain for both me and my wife. I returned it and bought a Leesa. This is better but I’m not sure this is the long-term solution either. Buying a mattress these days is very tough. I so wish I could just buy the exact Stearns & Foster model I bought 10 or so years ago, The Kenbridge. It was amazing! Good luck, Connie.

        • Hi Ed, thanks for the reply, just wondering did you and your wife have a queen size or king? i’m thinking that maybe if I purchase a king, then it won’t “seem” so soft because we wouldn’t be sleeping that close together? your thoughts? and do you think that if I was to purchase the plush soft I could make it “firmer” with a topper if I needed to ? did you already return your saatva?

          • Yes, I returned it already and it was a King. There is no getting around this soft. It’s crazy. One thing I do wish I had thought of is to try a gel or memory foam topper on the Saatva Luxury Firm mattress I tried first. I didn’t think of it until I had already exchanged it for the Plush Soft.

          • thanks Ed, that was helpful.

          • I just looked at the leesa, it looks very much (including packaging) to the casper. but i’m still leaning towards a spring mattress, sean mentioned that all the top mattresses in the world are spring. plus I like that “bouncy” “springy” feel.

  • MJP0922

    Hi Sean – DO you have a few recommendations for the right mattress pad for the Casper?

  • tjsgigante

    Hi Sean,

    Thanks for all the information you make available. You have a really great site going here.

    We’re currently looking at either the Casper or the Dreamfoam Ultimate Dreams 13″ Gel Memory Foam Mattress. They both seem really comparable–perhaps the Dreamfoam is a little softer. Between the two, which one would you pick and why?


    • Thanks. Yeah, the UD 13″ is softer. If you want to feel like you’re sinking in more, want to feel ‘in’ the bed, love the feeling of laying out at the beach in the sand, and really enjoy the feel of memory foam, then the UD 13″ would be a good option for you. (It does not have the typical ‘quicksand’ feeling however.)

      If you want something right in the middle of the soft hard scale, and want just a bit of buoyancy underneath you so that you feel less enveloped in the bed, almost as if you’re hovering just on the surface, and want a *very* easy time changing positions throughout the night, then the Casper is a good option for you. Both are great.

  • Paul McGuire

    Hello Mr. Fry,
    I am currently in the market for a new mattress but am unsure of what mattress is right for me and my wife (and 2 dogs). A little about us, I am 6’4″ 350 Lbs and usually a stomach sleeper but on occasion sleep on my side. My wife is 5’11” 225 lbs sleeps any position. I was very interested in the casper, the ultimate dreams gel memory foam, or the Simmons comforpedic iq. I am worried about how the mattress will hold up to our weight. Or maybe none of these are right for us. Please let me know your thoughts. Thank you for your time.

  • FLGatorGirl

    Have you heard of the Leesa mattress? Very similar to the Casper? I have been trying to decide between the Casper and the Leesa or Tempurpedic. I am a side sleeper and I can’t sleep through the night with the painful pressure on my hips. Don’t really know which way to go.

  • SL

    I would like to get a bedframe for my casper mattress that has at least 10 inches of clearance btwn the floor and the bed foundation. Is there a kind you recommend with the Casper? The Stabl-Base you’ve recommended is a little bit shorter than we’d like. Thanks so much for any help you can offer!

    • Well, you could always do the Stabl-Base with the high profile glide option, the glides have a height of 10 inches. I don’t know what size you have, but the queen model number would be SER-4059BG-10.

  • Joseph Russell

    I just bought the casper a few weeks ago. My descision was highly based on your review, along with some customer reviews. I have found that the casper is firmer than I prefer. I am pretty sure that I am going to return it and try a different mattress. Is there a specific one you would recommend? I want non-spring and a lil softer than the casper. Considering the pacbed original gel by bedinabox. Any thoughts?

    • Cygnus_X1

      I thought the same thing when I first got my Casper about 2 months ago, it was way too firm. It’s loosened up a bit over time, or maybe I’ve just gotten used to it. I read a post somewhere where a person mentioned to actually walk all over the mattress to loosen it up and I think they may be on to something. These things are very tight when they’re new. Either way, we get 100 days to test it so I’m going to go about 90 days before I make up my mind whether to keep it or not. Good luck.

      • Joseph Russell

        I contacted Casper after making this post and they are actually going to send me a topper for an extra layer of latex that is supposed to be softer, their customer service seems to be top-notch. don’t get that much these days.

        • Nice. Sorry for the delay in responding, that’s good to hear. The latex topper should definitely help. Let me know how it works out for you after a couple weeks if you don’t mind.

  • Kristina

    Hi Sean! Thanks for all the valuable information regarding the Casper mattress.
    We are planning to purchase one very soon but wanted to sort out the foundation/frame issue first. We want an Ikea bed that has a slatted, wooden platform. While we’ve read that we can place a Casper mattress right on top of said platform, we would like the mattress to sit higher and would therefore prefer to add a spring-free foundation/box underneath the mattress. Could you please recommend a base and configuration? Should be buy a foundation made of wooden slats or steel? Should we place the foundation on top of the bed’s frame or on top of the bed’s slatted, wooden platform? I worry that the frame would not be able to support both the foundation and the mattress. A final concern is price. I don’t want to pay $400 for a foundation alone.
    Can you help?

  • I purchased a king sized casper, 50 days ago, and I am finding it too firm for me. it isn’t a hard feel like a table top, but firm, slight sinking in, has good support, but I have a return of shoulder and hip issues, not as bad when we had a foam. I was hoping the casper would have a bit of “spring” to it, but no. I am a small person 5 feet, 115 lbs, so maybe I need something like a saatva. my husband is 185 lbs., 6 ft. we definitely like the size, we purchased as sean recommended the foundation and bed frame, both exceptional quality, sturdy, no squeaking, easy to put together. but now I am looking again at the saatva, just not sure whether to get the luxury firm or plush soft. anybody have any suggestions?

  • Mitch C

    One of the Casper Mattress owners, Phillip Krim, owned at least 3 internet bed stores before he became involved with this “venture”. Google, The Sleep Better Store, Dream Number Beds and Angel Beds. They were in Houston, Tx. My bed broke and I can’t get it fixed because they fell off the face of the planet! People need to know these things.

    • From what I understand, he sold those businesses. Do you still happen to have your receipt? Even if you don’t, shoot the Casper team a message and let them know. I’m sure they’ll take care of you.

  • Hey Beth, it’s actually sort of hard to describe, but I’ll do my best. With most innerspring mattresses (except the ultra high end ones) there’s a distinct sensation that you’re on a bed made with springs. Almost all spring systems result in a greater sense of buoyancy because you’ve got steel springs responding to your body weight (pushing upwards.)

    The way the top layering is done on an innerspring bed also affects the overall feel because of the tufting pattern. Since there isn’t any tufting on the Casper, you have a sensation of being on something very ‘flat’ with hardly any movement coming from within. So with spring-free beds, especially the kinds that use memory foam, the sensation is totally different due to the absence of something underneath pushing upwards.

    It’s useful to think in terms of support as what is coming from “within” the mattresses, and comfort as what you’re feeling on the surface. For the Casper, you’ll immediately feel the ‘softness’ of the surface latex layer, the ‘motion deadening’ effect of the memory foam layer underneath, then the overall ‘firmness’ or support of the core base layer on the bottom. Hope this helps a bit!

    • hi sean, thanks, I really find your description of the spring mattress/casper easy to understand. just a question on the saatva plush soft is there a pillow top on it that gives it the plush soft feel, or is it basically like the casper with a level surface, no tufting but has the springs that provide that buoyancy which one feels and the sensation of something underneath pushing upwards.

  • Hi Beth, re the Casper, I have found after 60 days on the Casper that i’m ending up on my stomach beside I found the casper too “hard/firm” for me, I like sean’s description of the sense of buoyancy that an spring mattress gives. I just don’t find the casper has any “give” to it at all. it definitely offers good support, and I like the surface feel of it, but overall it has too firm a feel for me.

    • BethE

      Thanks for your input Connie!

  • tommytowne

    i just ordered a Saatva yesterday. Today i’m reading about Casper for the first time after seeing an ad in NY Times. Did I make the wrong choice? I was confident about my pick till now. When I did my initial research 6 months or so ago I saw your review and was impressed with the Saatva and the fact you owned one cinched it. How do you feel now? Saatva or Casper?

    • your comment made me chuckle, as that’s how I felt, when I purchased the casper first. even though my gut told me to go with the Saatva, I purchased the casper because it was cheaper. but sean’s comments about the best mattresses in the world are coil, and that as a kid I slept on coil mattresses cinched it for me and I purchased the Saatva plush soft. I don’t regret my decision at all, and am now a happy camper ah.. sleeper.

  • Dave

    Sean, I appreciate all your advice and reading the comments. However, I’m still having problems. I originally had a Kingsdown many years ago, and loved it. Had to replace it, so purchased a Simmons NxG 400 PPT (Plush Pillowtop). It sounded great, and has 3 inches of memory foam on the top, plus coils underneath. It’s kind of a hybrid mattress. I can tell you, it “felt” soft, but I’ve never had so many shoulder problems after that purchase. I’ve been to doctors, who told me it was how I slept (arm behind my head on the side). I’ve tried to adjust my sleeping position, but ANY side sleeping results in my arm being asleep within 20 minutes.

    After reading your recommendations, I purchased the Saatva plush (of course), but it still feels “firm” to me. And, of course, my shoulder and arms still fall asleep. Do you think the casper is a better fit, or are my problems NOT with the mattress, and I need to look elsewhere for solutions?


    • Hey Dave, I really can’t say that you would have better luck with your shoulders and arms falling asleep on the Casper. Arms constantly falling asleep is a tough problem to solve, honestly it’s beyond my abilities to cure or diagnose. But if it’s happening on every mattress you sleep on, the doctors are probably right that it has to do with the way you’re sleeping with your arm behind your head. If that’s the case, you could probably sleep on a gigantic marshmallow and still have the issue. Unfortunately, I just don’t have an easy solution for you other than you might want to visit a sleep specialist at a sleep center and have them run some overnight tests.

    • hi dave after reading your comments I wouldn’t recommend the casper it has a much firmer/harder more solid feel, no give, than the saatva plush. maybe you need to see a chiropractor and get your back/neck adjusted, and see if that helps. you just may be out of line and that’s creating issues.

  • After a lot of research I purchased the Casper in Jan. 2015, it was a huge improvement over our memory foam mattress. But as the weeks went by, I experienced hip discomfort and my husband’s shoulder was aching. We tried it for close to 80 days, and still no improvement. We were impressed with the customer service, great and easy return policy (they donate used mattresses to shelters, etc.) quick refund (the mailed me a check within days) but overall the mattress just did not conform to our body needs. We now have the Saatva Plush Soft which I purchased May 4, 2015. It has a slight springy feel, we sink slightly into it. my hip discomfort is gone, and my husbands shoulder pain has significantly improved so that it is not waking him up at night. I’m glad I purchased the plush soft and not the luxury firm, as I find this mattress a firm, not hard feel at all. I really thought I would be sinking in, feeling enveloped but i’m not. in my book I would have described this as a firm mattress, but that’s just my thought on it.

  • Ncage1974

    Hi Sean, we are thinking on picking up the Casper Mattress. We would also like to replace our bedroom outfit at the same time. The set my wife really likes from ashley is the traditional “Panel type” Bed frame that requires a box spring (verified by calling Ashley). Since i think box springs generally come with the mattress (of course this wouldn’t be the case with casper) where would recommend we pick up just a box spring / foundation for the casper mattress? Is there anything specific we should be looking for in a box spring / mattress for the casper mattress? Hopefully it doesn’t add to much to what we are already going to be spending 🙂


    • You can put it on anything really. Any sort of non-yielding foundation will work.

  • Dylan McIntosh

    Something not a lot of people in the market for a new mattress think about are the chemicals that are off gassed from foam mattresses. Here at Indoor Science we did some testing on Casper and Tuft and Needle mattresses with our equipment, and you might be shocked!

    The instructions say to open the mattress in the room you are going to have it in, however with what we found you may want to open it outdoors and let it “air out” first!

    • tommyr

      Those tests are stupid. You should be able to figure out why.

  • elise1970

    Thanks for this very thorough review. Question — with this mattress, should we purchase a Dust Mite & Allergy mattress protector to prevent dust mites?

    • Suzanne Rice

      I was looking at the FAQs on the Casper site and they say that they do not believe their bed would attract as many dust mites as a regular bed because dust mites need food, and the materials this mattress are made of are not food to dust mites. However, on this page, the Luna premium protector is recommended to protect the latex. When you click on the link in the article above, in the description for the protector, it does say that it protects against dust mites. So, I’d say you may not need a protector as much for this mattress as far as dust mites are concerned, but it certainly wouldn’t hurt.

      • FYI – Dust mites feed on dead human skin cells. That’s their food source, not foam or anything used to build mattresses.

  • Dani

    I just got mine and slept on it last night. My back hurt after and I tossed and turned all night. It feels pretty firm to me. I’ve been sleeping on a crap mattress for a number of years though, and finally gave into buying this one because of all the good reviews. I’m thinking my back just needs time to adjust to actually being in a neutral position? What do you think. It’s obviously going to take more than one night for me to decide but it was not the sleep I had been hoping for.

    • Yeah, it does take time to adjust. See how you feel after about 4 weeks or so.

      • Dani

        Slept on it again. It’s better already! I think my back isn’t used to being straight. Slept like the dead.

        • Correction: You slept like a log… 😉

  • lisa

    Thank you. Excellent review. First one I have seen discussing the fire retardant. My only problem is that my adjustable bed is a full extra long size. I can’t find a replacement mattress (or sheets) in that size. I am going to contact the company to see if they might make one. There have to be other people who need this size.

  • Shiv Paul

    Hi there, I saw your comment about the protector. Would it work to use a bed bug protector on the Capser mattress?

  • Shiv Paul

    HI Sean, Can I use bed bugs covers on the mattress without compromising comfort? referring to your comment about using thin mattress protector covers

  • Barbara Lambert

    What kind of foundation are you displaying that on and what do you like about it?

    • It’s called the Simple Life foundation. I like it because it’s convenient, it’s a folding foundation so it’s easy to move, it’s strong and pretty inexpensive.

  • Ken Roser

    The recommended bed frame in Tip #3 is no longer available. Can you make another suggestion for an alternative?

  • Ken Roser

    The bed frame recommended in tip #3, is no longer available. Can you suggest a replacement?

    • Hey Ken, well looks like it’s unavailable on amazon at the moment, they’re probably waiting on a new stock shipment, but many local mattress stores carry that frame. I would try a nearby mattress store and see if they carry it. If not, look for a a really thick frame with ideally 9 total legs. Knickerbocker also makes some really good ones. The most expensive bed frames are usually the best ones.

  • Deni

    Would you recommend this or the Saatva? I am a side sleeper and my husband is a back sleeper. I sleep hot. He, of course, sleeps cold. Thanks for your reviews!!