Ultimate Dreams Total Latex Mattress by Dreamfoam Bedding Review

Ultimate Dreams Total Latex Overview

The Ultimate Dreams Total Latex mattress is an all Talalay latex mattress made by a family owned manufacturer called Dreamfoam Bedding, sold exclusively online.  This review is for their medium feel which they call a “Level 6.”  The mattress is available in 7 different levels of firmness.  On my usual scale of 1 to 10, 1 being very firm and 10 being very soft, I place this right smack dab in the middle at a 5.

Watch the video below for details:

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The Total Latex mattress is a 10” thick spring-free mattress with a removable zipper cover made from Bamboo.  It’s wrapped with organic wool which acts as an insulator and allows it to meet the federal fire guidelines without all the harsh chemicals.

The mattress starts with a 6” Talalay latex core and it’s topped with an exchangeable 3” comfort layer of Talalay latex.

What is Latex?

So, not everyone is familiar with what latex even is.  Europeans have used latex as spring-free mattresses for decades but it’s still a fairly new concept in America.  Latex is a unique type of foam that’s made from the sap of the Havea Brasilienis tree, also known as the Rubber Tree.  This is blended Talalay, which means it’s made from the natural sap and processed with natural, biodegradable ingredients to make the latex.  It’s Oeko Tex 100 certified – a difficult certification to attain – and it means there’s nothing in the bed that is in any way harmful to humans or the environment.


It’s very green.  If you’re making an effort to live a green lifestyle and you’ve been looking for a bed that’s made from materials that come from the earth, I think you’ll appreciate this.  Bamboo is a renewable resource and it grows prolifically without the use of pesticides.  It even improves soil quality where it grows.  It’s actually softer than cotton and it’s extremely breathable.

The organic wool underneath helps keep you warmer when it’s cold, and cooler when it’s hot.  I’m a big proponent of wool.  It’s actually one of the most amazing natural fibers in existence.

The mattress is very durable and supportive.  Back support is excellent.  If you want to get a mattress that’s not going to sag for a really long time, this is the one to go with.  An all-latex will outlast any other type of mattress in any category.  Latex beds have been known to last for up to 30 years.  (Mattress stores hate beds like this.  They want you buying a new mattress every 8 years or less.  I’ve heard several industry executives shamelessly brag about how their #1 goal is shortening the consumer buying cycle.)

It’s also THE best option for pressure relief.  Pressure mapping tests have been able to prove that Latex provides 33% more pressure relief than memory foam.  Pressure points along the body can cause you to toss and turn more and it can interrupt your sleep, so by reducing those pressure points you significantly improve your quality of sleep.  It’s also more breathable than memory foam and it conforms to the body instantly.  By the way, latex is also naturally resistant to dust mites.

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One potential negative is that at $1899 for a queen, this mattress is slightly higher priced than the other mattresses that I recommend in other categories, and that’s because latex is expensive material.  However, for something like this it’s best to think of it as a long term investment.  Most other all Talalay latex mattresses sold in stores can range between $2500 to over $6,000, so it’s still significantly less expensive than most.  I have yet to find a better all Talalay latex mattress for less than this one.  They can offer it for so much less because they are factory direct.  They’ve got a massive manufacturing facility in Arizona.  No middleman here.  No huge retail store markups.

Another problem some people might have is that it’s really heavy.  Latex is really heavy material and it’s floppy.  This isn’t really a problem until you decide to move, but at least you know this mattress is very substantial.  But remember that you can remove the top layer to make it easier.  Also, this is a “no-flip” mattress.  No flipping needed, though you should rotate it head to toe every so often.

And while the majority of this mattress is made from natural materials, it’s not a certified organic mattress.  If it were, it would be a lot more expensive and that’s because there’s a massive cost increase for the raw materials when they are certified organic.  But as I mentioned earlier, the latex is certified to the Oeko-Tex 100 standard to be completely safe and contain no harmful chemicals or treatments.


So, in conclusion this is one of my top picks for a spring-free mattress.  It meets my criteria for an excellent value and what I recommend looking for in a healthy and green spring-free mattress.  It’s just awesome.

A huge plus is that it is customizable.  Only a very small percentage of mattresses out there are made to your specifications, certainly not at this price, so what they’ve been able to put together with this bed is impressive.

Check out the Ultimate Dreams Total Latex on amazon.com

Tip #1: Keep in mind that you shouldn’t feel pressured to decide right away, just add it to your cart and amazon will keep it there for up to 3 months until you finalize the order.  However, it won’t reserve the mattress.  More information here.  You can also bookmark this page for reference.

Tip #2:  Be sure to use a waterproof mattress protector with this mattress.  Latex is pretty delicate and you really don’t want to expose it to moisture or sunlight because it can turn brittle.  By protecting your mattress from the very beginning you’ll be preserving the comfort of the mattress for a very long time.  I recommend something like the Luna premium mattress protector because it’s very thin.

Firmness Guidelines

Level Firmness Sleeping Position
1 Extra Firm Back or stomach sleepers who need to be on something very firm.
3 Firm Back or stomach sleepers who prefer fairly firm surfaces.
5 Medium Firm Back, stomach or side sleepers. Medium with a hint of firmness.
6 Medium Back, stomach or side sleepers.  Not too hard, not too soft.  True medium. (Recommended)
7 Medium Plush Back, stomach or side sleepers.  Medium with a hint of softness.
8 Plush Side or back sleepers who want to sink in slightly. (Recommended for those with Fibromyalgia.)
10 Ultra Plush Side or back sleepers who enjoy a soft feel. (Recommended for those with Fibromyalgia.)

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  • JasonD

    Dreamfoam doesn’t appear to be making this mattress anymore, at least I can’t find it on their website. I’m guessing they are just clearing out stock at this point The only full latex featured on their website is their UD: Freedom made of 3 layers of dunlop latex and can be configured for different firmness levels similar to 12 – 1 memory foam mattress. I know you haven’t reviewed that one yet but would it be similar to this one?

    • Hey Jason, they do still make it. It’s just only available on amazon. The new freedom model would be somewhat similar, yes. This one is actually their most personalized option because they’ll work with you beforehand to really narrow it down to one of the 7 different comfort levels.

  • Christan Mitchell

    Hey Sean, I’m looking for a new mattress. The best sleep I ever had was on a 1st gen Tempur-pedic, but it got too “hot”. I want to try “latex”. Two questions : Does latex stay “cool”? And which one would match my Tempur-pedic ?
    Thank you for your time & advice.

    • Hey Christian, latex isn’t temperature sensitive like Tempur material is, so yeah, it’s significantly more breathable. Hard to say what would match your old Tempurpedic, you probably had the classic or the deluxe…latex feels completely different from those. There’s going to be a lot more buoyancy with latex, but most likely the ‘level 6’ of this model would be fairly similar in overall firmness.

      • Christan Mitchell

        Thanx for the info Sean, I’m gonna give Casper a shot.

  • Dave Vane

    Sean, I’m interested in one of these. After trying numerous beds In a showroom I’ve found the Tempur Rhapsody and the icomfort Alure to be the most suitable to my back problems. However, for various reasons I’m not as sold on those beds and am losing interest in memory foam in general.

    In that, which of these would you say mostly matches those beds?

    Also, I have interest in the Casper but it seems it might be to soft for me. Based on the specs that I seem to need do you think that would be too soft?


    • Do you happen to know what Rhapsody you tried? Was it the new breeze version or the older ‘non-breeze’ version? Or the new Rhapsody Luxe?

  • David Kalpin

    Sean, I’m interested in the Ultimate dream latex, casper and leesa.
    Obviously, UD costs double the other 2 and therefore should be much
    better. Whats your take on these 3?
    David K

  • ChristineRowe

    Thank you for the reviews, quite helpful… One question though that I have not found an answer too. My husband and I are specifically heavy people with a dual weight of 650# + and am wanting a mattress that will keep its shape while sitting on the edge and also give us the support needed over a long period of time that will not sink in the middle. I am pretty set on innerspring with as much coil count as I can find, but would love to find a mattress like that with a 3″ latex cover, not a memory foam cover.. Is there anything out there that is innerspring and latex that would be great for us?? Thanks so much in advance for your expertise…

  • Tony

    My wife and I are looking at the 14″ latex mattress Aloe Alexis made by Dreamfoam. I weigh about 315 pounds and my wife about 180. Do you know anything about this mattress? If not, is there another latex or memory foam mattress you can recommend? We are both side sleepers.

  • linntang

    Hi Sean, I am very keen on the Dreamfoam Bedding Ultimate total latex mattress, after went to the website to order, realise that they don’t not have super single size.( 42″ X 75″) There isn’t any size for me to choose. What shall I do? I am staying in Singapore