Adjustable Bed Information

So you’ve decided you need a new mattress, and maybe you’re thinking you just need the standard mattress with a foundation and a frame set up.  However, are you aware that most new mattresses on the market are available with an adjustable base?  This might not be something you were initially considering, but when you really see and feel the benefits that an adjustable bed can bring to your life, you’ll likely start thinking beyond the traditional flat mattress sets.

What is an adjustable bed?

An adjustable bed — often referred to as a power base — is a typically hydraulic powered sleep system where the back and legs can be raised and lowered via remote control.  Often they are equipped with additional features, such as massage, alarms, and iPad applications.

Who are power bases good for?

Power bases are good for virtually anyone.  While you might think of a power base being designed for elderly people based on the old Craftmatic commercials, the reality is many younger people are choosing to invest in a power base.  According to Tempur-pedic, 50% of Ergo owners are under the age of 50, and 50% are over the age of 50, so they really are for everyone at any age.

I’ve personally sold many adjustable beds to young couples who like them because their favorite place to write was in bed on their laptop.  Many liked to read with their kindle in bed and found that propping themselves up with pillows was cumbersome.  Some purchased one simply because they liked to play video games in bed!

On the other hand, I’ve advised many people who suffered from severe acid reflux or sleep apnea on power bases.  If you find yourself having to retreat to your recliner in order to sleep throughout the night, that’s a sure sign you should be seriously considering an adjustable base.

By sleeping at a slight incline, the airway is then “opened up,” making apnea less likely throughout the night.  Another nice benefit is that sleeping at about a 7 to 15 degree incline, snoring is often reduced.  Certain adjustable bases, such as the Prodigy by Leggett & Platt, even come with a “snore feature” built in.  So for couples where one partner is being awakened by their partner snoring, all they have to do is hit the ‘snore’ button and their partner’s side will be raised 7 degrees.  This can really come in handy for couples where one partner snores — a rather common problem.

Interestingly enough, if you articulate the head to about a 15-20 degree angle, and the feet at about the same angle, you’ll notice that it completely reduces any strain on the lower back.  You can really feel this effect after being in this position for about 5 minutes or so, if you then lower the base to the completely flat position you’ll feel your lower back tighten almost like a rubber band.

This is because of the way our backs are designed.  We tend to find sleeping at that angle more comfortable because the muscles in the lower back can relax better.  This is why we tend to end up in the fetal position when we lie on our sides — we naturally bring our legs up because it relieves tension in the lower back.

Adjustable beds are a lifestyle choice

Whether you enjoy watching tv in bed, reading, working on a laptop or play video games, a power base is not just about sleep, it’s a lifestyle choice.  Even better, for couples who go with a king size set, you can get a “split king” size.  That way you both have independent control over your side.

How much are adjustable bases?

While power bases aren’t as inexpensive as traditional box springs, they really should be thought of as a long-term investment in your health.  Especially considering most come with a 20-25 year warranty, if you keep it for 20 – 25 years or so you’re really only looking at a few dollars a month.

Having said that, to give you a ballpark idea, most queen power bases by themselves range somewhere between $1300 and $2000.  King bases are a bit more expensive since they are typically sold in pairs (a one-piece king size power base just isn’t very practical.)  Dual bases typically range between $2099 on up.

What should I look for in an adjustable base?

  • Many bases will come with a wired remote, I suggest investing in one with a wireless remote.  Corded remotes can become annoying and cumbersome.
  • Look for power bases with head and foot massage that you can control independently.
  • If you like to read or watch TV in bed, make sure your base will articulate to about a 70 degree angle.
  • Make sure it’s a “wall-hugger” design.  This type of base will “hug” the wall as it articulates which will help you keep eye contact with your partner better and keep you parallel with your nightstand.
  • Make sure the remote works without having to point it directly at the receiver.
  • Make sure the massage feature will shut off automatically after a half hour or so in case you fall asleep with it on.
  • Look for at least a 20-year warranty.

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