The De-Evolution Of Mattresses — How Mattresses Became An Absolute Joke

Mattresses have become an absolute joke.

And it’s about time someone said so.

For someone who hasn’t worked in the industry, that statement might not immediately make sense.  And the reason why is that most people lack a strong reference point for what actually makes a “good” mattress.  To most people, they’re just a bunch of white rectangles.  What people don’t generally see is what’s inside them, and they also don’t see what USED to be inside them in years past.

I’ve been thinking a lot about what things would be like if the general public actually had the same reference point that I have.  Being a guy who worked in the brick & mortar retail space in the industry since the year 2000, I’ve seen some truly astonishing changes in the industry — and not for the better.  I wondered if it was possible to somehow communicate my own reference point to others, to see if I might be able to paint a picture of the general de-evolution of mattresses over the years in one short(ish) video.  Can this be done?  And would it help people from being lead down the wrong path?

So, this is my attempt at making an easily digestible ‘snapshot’ of the reference point that I’ve developed from years and years of working in this industry.  It’s a surprisingly difficult thing to communicate.  In fact, this was the single most difficult video I’ve ever made — precisely because people typically lack a strong reference point to begin with.  A bit of a conundrum.

I think the video turned out well, but I’m 100% certain it’s going to upset many people.  What I’ve said in this video needs to be said, as things are spiraling COMPLETELY out of control in mattress world.  When I first started this site, it was really confusing shopping for a mattress in retail stores.  People went online to get some clarity.  In just a few short years now there are even more options online than there ever has been in retail stores…a 180 degree reversal.  Confusion is even worse than it’s ever been before.

I hope this video brings some sort of clarity for you.  This one video alone will be more valuable to you than reading 100 reviews.  Watch it several times if you have to, I throw a lot of information at you with this one.  Take your time, pour yourself a nice strong cup of coffee, and enjoy.

– Sean

  • Jeff Garfield

    Thank you for your video. This goes along with my philosophy and what I do in my store of 45 years (; Wool, botanical latex, no memory foam, two-sided, flippable mattresses only, many tufted and some side stitched models. Keep up the good work. I don’t think the mattress industry will return to good quality, long lasting mattresses because there is too much money in disposable, can’t flip models. Jeff Garfield

  • Gene Neves

    Very. in remember in the mid-1990’s looking at the S brand that made the first ‘”one sided” mattress and touted it like they had just revolutionized the mattress industry in one day. I thought ” m I the only one who sees that they have just screwed the buyer out of half of the mattress? or maybe just one of the few who cared. I also saw big shots leave a famous S brand and go to what were traditional hand made mattress and sell them on the idea of scrapping the handmade so the could be just like the famous S brand – with the big profits. Those big shots moved on after they destroyed what made Brand K what it was. pretty sad.