Big Barker Dog Bed Review

Big Barker Overview

The Big Barker is an orthopedic bed specifically made for big dogs.  If you have a Lab, Golden Retriever, Boxer or a Great Dane and you’ve been looking for a more supportive bed for your pet, Big Barker designed their beds just for those types of dogs.

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6-Month Case Study

So, last year I was contacted to see if I could do a video for the Big Barker bed, and I told them that I usually do reviews for human beds and that I don’t even have a dog, but then I had an idea.  My friend Keri has a Great Dane named Becket who is a therapy dog and they do a lot of work for the community.  They visit hospitals, nursing homes and other facilities, so we decided to get the bed to her so we could do sort of a case study on the bed and see how well it holds up.  Becket got the bed in January and now he’s been sleeping on it for about 6 months.


Becket lounging on the "Giant" size Big Barker bed.

Becket lounging on the “Giant” size Big Barker bed.

The Big Barker is a 7” thick orthopedic bed made from high quality, USA made foams.  What’s sort of funny to me is that the foams they use are actually better quality foams than what you would find in many human beds!

The bed starts off with a thick, micro fiber cover which is completely removable and machine washable.

The bottom layer is a 2” layer of H10 comfort foam.
Above that is a 3” layer of a firmer H45 foam
Then there’s a 2” layer of H10 comfort foam, and then a 4” contoured foam headrest.

Note: This bed does not use memory foam. Memory foam is great for humans but terrible for big dogs because memory foam isn’t a support layer, it’s a comfort layer.


Durability.  This is one of, if not the best made and most durable beds for big dogs available.  This is gonna outlast them all.  Big Barker gives a 10 year warranty against flattening, so if the bed were to flatten within 10 years they’ll just give you a new one free of charge or give you your money back, which is a much friendlier warranty than what you’ll find for most human mattresses. After 6 months of use I couldn’t find any sign of wear in the foam.

Made in the USA.  The foam is CertiPUR certified which means that it’s certified to have low VOC’s, contain no prohibited phthalates or PBDE’s, ozone depleters, formaldehyde or heavy metals.  Those are all things you want to avoid, and those are all things that have been found in foams imported from China that haven’t been certified, and a lot of other dog beds out there are made with foams from China.  This entire bed is handcrafted in the USA.

Supportive.  The bed is also a lot easier on a big dog’s joints.  Keri tells me that Becket has a much easier time getting in and out of the bed, and he won’t try to “nest” in the bed like he does with his old softer dog bed.  He doesn’t have to constantly try to get comfortable.  I think that’s because big dogs like a Great Dane need a different level of support because of their sheer size and weight, and this is far and away the most supportive bed for a big dog.


One minor negative is that it’s more expensive than other dog beds.  And I understand the costs involved with owning a big dog in general.  But when you consider the longevity that you’ll get with this bed, it’s actually less expensive in the long run compared to other dog beds that will flatten a LOT sooner that you have to replace frequently.  It’s helpful to think of it as a long term investment, just like you would for a good quality mattress for yourself.

Another potential negative is that they can take up a large amount of space.  Especially the Giant model.  This is a big bed.  So you should be prepared to set aside a decent amount of space for this, but if you already have a big dog you already know how much space they can take up as it is. Haha.

Final Thoughts

So, in conclusion you should know that some dogs might take a day or two to get used to the bed.  Just like humans, dogs also have to adjust to new beds.  Keri told me it took Beckett a couple days to adjust, but then he loved it after that.  Also, she told me he doesn’t try to bite it or chew it either which he was doing with his old bed.

Fantastic bed and I highly recommend it for your dog.  These guys are the best and their customer service is awesome.

– Sean

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