Recommended Products

Recommended Products

Here’s my top picks for mattresses, sorted by type, as well as other sleep products. I suggest bookmarking this page for future reference. I also list some books that I’ve found to be super helpful, the best ways to protect your mattress and the best types of pillows and sheets.
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Best Mattress | Innerspring

saatva-145Saatva: If you believe things stand the test of time for a reason (e.g., springs), resonate with the proven engineering of the coil spring and back support, and you prefer feeling “on” your bed as opposed to feeling “in” it, my top pick is a Saatva because they are absolutely committed to hand crafting the best mattress for the money.  Try the luxury firm to get that 5-star luxury hotel bed feel.  See my Saatva Luxury Firm review here.

Best Mattress | Spring-Free (Memory Foam)

ud-13gel-145Ultimate Dreams 13″ Gel Memory Foam: If you’ve ever had the experience of falling asleep in the sand at the beach and found the sensation of having sand enveloping you to be very comfortable, prefer feeling “in” your bed as opposed to feeling “on” it, and are particularly sensitive to your partners movements throughout the night, then my best pick for you is the Ultimate Dreams 13″ mattress.  Why pay a premium for a fancy brand name when you can buy factory direct?  See my Ultimate Dreams review here to see how it works.

Best Mattress | Spring-Free (Latex)

ud-totallatex-145Ultimate Dreams Total Latex: If your main concern is finding a customizable mattress that will last a VERY long time, are interested in living a green lifestyle and prefer that the materials in your bed came from the Earth, and prefer a slightly more buoyant feel rather than being enveloped by your bed, then an all-latex mattress is the way to go.  They also offer a less expensive model that uses a foam core. ($612.87, queen).  Both options are available in multiple comfort levels.  See my Total Latex review here.

Best Mattress | Budget

12in1-145DreamFoam 12 in 1: A quite inexpensive yet surprisingly comfortable option for those looking for something under $500. These guys make a fantastic all foam customizable mattress and are factory direct. The 12 in 1 designed to be used with or without a foundation. Great for students and guest rooms.  Made in the USA.  Click here for my 12 in 1 review.

Best Foundation

simple_life_foundation_thumbSimple Life: The Simple Life foundation is a fully assembled folding foundation.  This foundation can literally be folded in half which makes it ideal for moving and getting through narrow hallways and stairways.  Such a cool design.  You can choose your size here on amazon, just select Twin, Full, Queen, King or California King.

Best Bed Frame

Serta Stabl-Base Ultimate Bed Frame: The Stabl-Base bed frame by Hollywood Bed Frame and Serta is made with heavy gauge carbon rail steel and makes 9 points of contact.  The wedge lock leg design eliminates rattling and chattering.  Built like a tank.  One size fits all, just like my Snuggie.

Best Adjustable Base

2015 s-cape adjustable base imageLeggett and Platt S-Cape: I consider this base to be the industry standard and the only manufacturer I really felt I could ever count on to be dependable. Don’t even bother with anything else. Has upper and lower body massage. Made in the USA. Free white glove delivery available nationwide. (King = Two Twin-XL)

Best Crib Mattress

naturepedic-crib-thumbNaturepedic: Babies are the most vulnerable to toxic chemicals in their environments. This award winning crib mattress uses only natural materials like US grown organic cotton. The waterproof surface meets food contact standards which means it contains no vinyl, PVC, phthalates, lead or biocides. Should be used with a waterproof Crib Pad.

Old Mattress Removal

removal_thumbIf you need your old mattress removed, Amazon Home Services may offer service in your area.  Click Here to check your zip code.

Best Dog Bed

bigbarkerthumbBig Barker: Best bed out there for dogs because they last a LONG time. They make models for small, medium, large and giant dogs. I got the “giant” for a friends Great Dane and he loves it. Made in the USA in California. 10-year warranty. Machine washable. See my review here.

Best Mattress Protector

luna-protectorLuna Premium Protector: Great, inexpensive protector that protects against allergens, dust mites, and fluids. It’s very thin so it won’t affect the feel of your bed. Made in the USA.

Best Mattress Protector | Organic

coyuchi protector thumbnailCoyuchi: This is the best protector I’ve ever owned.  Is it kind of strange to love a mattress protector?  Yes.  Ask me if I care.  Made from 100% certified organic cotton 13 oz. flannel, it’s able to protect without having a polyurethane barrier.  No synthetics.  Very breathable and great for temperature sensitive sleepers.  Pricey, but worth the investment.  Made in Germany.

Best Alarm

phillips-wakeup-light-hf3520smallcTired of your alarm scaring the bejeezus out of you every morning?  Try the Philips HF3520 WakeUp Light for a refreshing change.  Are you a night owl like me?  You need this.  Because everything about your biology wants you to stay up late and sleep in until lunchtime.  Works by stimulating the brain to releases chemicals that tell you “it’s time to get up” naturally by emulating the sun — ie., the night owl’s mortal enemy. See my review here.

Best Sheets

magnolia_thumbMagnolia Organics:  Cotton is one of the ‘dirtiest’ crops in the world due to excessive pesticide use, which is why I really only like certified organic cotton sheets.  Problem is, most organic sheets can cost nearly as much as your mattress.  Magnolia Organics make high quality GOTS certified 100% organic cotton sheets that won’t break the bank. (Only GOTS certified sheets are truly organic.) Treat yourself to their 300-thread count or to their 550-thread count sateen sheets.

Best Pillows

hlo-wool-pillows-smallHoly Lamb Organics Organic Cotton & Eco-Wool “Down” Pillows: I feel that wool pillows are one of the best options out there for pillows, specifically the ones made by Holy Lamb Organics.  They’re made from Premium Eco Wool, also known as Pure Grow Wool.  The pillows are something of an acquired taste (they’re on the firmer side and need to be fluffed every day), but if you stick with it and get used to it, you’ll never want to sleep with any other pillow ever.  EVER.

kapok-pillow-smallKapok Pillows: Kapok is a pretty remarkable fiber that comes from the flower seeds of a tall rain forest tree. It has a similar feel to down and is as soft as silk, and it’s also about eight times lighter than cotton. It’s very supportive, very durable and it’s nonallergenic.

Best Comforters

hlo-comforterHoly Lamb Organics Eco-Wool Comforter: I recommend wool for it’s amazing ability to cool when warm and warm when cool, it’s natural resistance to dust mites and it’s unique ability to wick away moisture. 100% organic and free of synthetics. Most people choose the Perfect Comfort.  Oh my god, you wouldn’t believe the difference these things make.  USE A DUVET COVER.

Best Duvet Covers

Coyuchi: Lush, 100% GOTS certified organic cotton duvet covers from Coyuchi will help you create a breathable, organic environment and protect your comforter.  Try the sateen duvet covers.  This is an investment that will really help create your bedroom sanctuary.

Best Supplements

onnit-nmsmallNew MOOD: Doctor recommended supplement for calming your nerves before going to bed, reducing stress, and promoting restful sleep by boosting serotonin levels.  Great for those times when your mind is running a million miles an hour and you just need to get to sleep.  Non GMO, gluten free and soy free.  Best part is how you feel the next day.  I’m consistently amazed at how better I feel the next day.  It’s weird.   See my New Mood review here.

Best Books

htbam-smallHow To Buy A Mattress: My free guide on buying a new mattress. Everything you need to know, from A to Zzzz…





ssiatwSleep Safe in a Toxic World: An absolutely eye-opening book by Walter Bader about the level of toxic chemical exposure in mass produced mattresses. Most people have no idea about the negative health effects some of these dangerous chemicals can have on our health. A bit dry at times, but if you really want to be informed, this is the book to read.




thepromiseofsleepThe Promise of Sleep: The definitive book about sleep by Dr. William Dement M.D., Ph.D. I’ve learned more about sleep from this book than anything else, including startling information about the prevalence of sleep apnea, sleep disorders, drowsy driving and the current sleep epidemic in our country.




sleepinterruptedSleep, Interrupted: A Physician Reveals the #1 Reason Why So Many Of Us Are Sick And Tired: Great book that describes sleep apnea in detail and the damage it can do to your body. If you feel tired all the time and never feel fully rested, read this book by Steven Y. Park M.D.